Stanford University

PhD Minor

The goal of the PhD Minor program is to bring together graduate students and faculty from various departments, programs, and schools who address archaeology issues in their research.  

The Stanford Archaeology Center partners with the Department of Anthropology to offer a PhD minor in Anthropology (Archaeology). This PhD minor program offers graduate students pursuing PhDs at Stanford with an opportunity to develop broad interdisciplinary knowledge.

Students interested in pursuing a Ph.D. Minor in Archaeology should select an advisor from the Archaeology faculty in the Department of Anthropology.  The advisor will assist the student to determine a coherent plan of study which must include the following: ANTHRO 303, Introduction to Archaeological Theory, Anthro 307, Introduction to Archaeology Methods, two thematic AR-track ANTHRO 300-level courses, and two additional AR-Track ANTHRO courses. Once the plan of study has been developed, the student should work with the Department's Student Services Manager to initiate a request for admittance to the PhD Minor program.

For more information about the archaeology focus PhD Minor in Department of Anthropology, please refer to Anthropology's PhD Minor page.