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Minor in Archaeology

A minor in Archaeology provides an introduction to the study of the material cultures of past societies. It can complement many majors, including but not limited to Anthropology, Applied Physics, Art and Art History, Classics, Earth Systems, Engineering, Geological and Environmental Sciences, History, and Religious Studies.

To minor in Archaeology, students must complete at least 27 units of relevant coursework comprised of:

  • 10 units of core courses
  • 2-5 units of methods and skills courses
  • 5 units of theory courses
  • 10 units of elective courses

Students may design their own path through the minor or, they may select from one of the three Archaeology tracks designed for STEM and humanities students. These Archaeology tracks are complete and will comprise a full minor. Each track is made up of courses designed to appeal to students from different majors. While your minor will be noted on your diploma, the specific track you take will not.

Please contact our Student Services Officer for questions regarding the Archaeology Minor program or to declare. 

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Potential Tracks for Minor