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Graduate Program

Our faculty and lecturers are affiliated with the following Departments and Programs: Anthropology, Classics, East Asian Languages and Cultures, Center for Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity, Earth Systems Science, Stanford Heritage Services, History, Art & Art History and Biology.

Graduate Programs in Archaeology

Ph.D. degrees with a concentration in Archaeology are awarded by the following departments:

  • Anthropology,
  • Classics, and
  • East Asian Languages and Cultures.  


Graduate students accepted into the archaeology program in the above affiliated departments participate in the activities at the Archaeology Center. Through cutting-edge research carried out in its research laboratories, collections-based scholarship through the Stanford University Archaeology Collection, weekly workshops and lectures with distinguished scholars, the Archaeology Center provides a forum for interaction amongst faculty and students from many parts of the University and gives students opportunities to engage in multi- and interdisciplinary research in archaeology, heritage, and related fields.

Thinking about applying? Follow these steps!

Admission requirements for these departments vary greatly. Thus, early planning is advisable to guarantee completion of graduate school requirements, and all admissions inquiries should be directed to the individual department.

Graduate Program Questions Contact the following:

Prospective students should apply for admission to the department that best suits their interests, indicating on the application their interest in the archaeology track. Applicants should also contact Archaeology faculty members with whom they are interested in working. 

Archaeology Faculty and Lecturers


Students interested in pursuing a graduate degree in Archaeology at Stanford will need to apply through our affiliated departments.


Already a PhD Candidate at Stanford? Want to pursue a Ph.D. Minor in Archaeology? 

The Stanford Archaeology Center partners with the Department of Anthropology to offer a PhD minor in Anthropology (Archaeology track). The goal of the PhD Minor program is to bring together graduate students and faculty from various departments, programs, and schools who address archaeology issues in their research, allowing graduate students pursuing PhDs at Stanford with an opportunity to develop broad interdisciplinary knowledge.  See PhD Minor for more information.