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Undergraduate Program

The Stanford Archaeology Center offers an undergraduate major or minor for students to pursue.

The Archaeology curriculum draws on faculty from a wide range of university departments and schools. To complete the requirements for the major or minor, students must take courses from the offerings of the program and from the listings of other university departments.

Learning Outcomes

The department expects undergraduate students in the program to be able to demonstrate the following learning outcomes. These learning outcomes are used in evaluating students and the department's undergraduate program. Students are expected to:

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of core knowledge of the history of thought and basic theoretical foundations in archaeology.
  2. Write clearly and persuasively, communicating ideas about archaeology to multiple audiences and different communities, from the scholarly and to the general public in a variety of formats.
  3. Learn about the development of archaeology as a discipline and the major trends that have influenced thinking and writing about archaeology today.
  4. Demonstrate their mastery of the broad historical and theoretical trends in the field through critique of research within archaeology.