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Danielle Raad digs in as the new curator of the Stanford University Archaeology Collections

The new curator and assistant director of the Stanford University Archaeology Collections says the pieces in her charge have something to offer all disciplines. “It’s really powerful to be in the presence of objects. The more time you spend with a work of art or artifact, the more it can teach you.” Stanford Report Article

Crawford Lake shows humans started a new chapter in geologic time, scientists say

A humble lake in a Canadian suburb may soon become the symbolic starting point for a radical new chapter in Earth’s official history: the Anthropocene, or the age of humans. The Washington Post article

2023 Schwarzman Scholar

PhD Candidate Yuyang Wang named Schwarzman Scholar. The 2023 Schwarzman Scholars program, provides a one-year, fully funded master’s degree in global affairs with a focus on leadership at Tsinghua University in Beijing, China. Stanford Report

Alcohol and Agriculture in Prehistoric East Asia: Interview with Professor Li Liu

Professor Li Liu talks about her recent research on the origins of brewing and alcohol. Listen to Podcast here!

Barb Voss named as a 2022 Bass University Fellow

Stanford Archaeology Center Director and Anthropology Professor, Barbara L. Voss, has been named as a 2022 Bass University Fellow for her extraordinary contributions to undergraduate education.  For more information, see Stanford Report.

Cultivating community through a California native plants garden

Students study the history and culture of the Muwekma Ohlone Tribe by tending a native plants garden field project in a new teaching space near the Stanford Dish. Stanford Report.

Why do we eat spicy peppers?

Stanford Archaeology Center Workshop Series Presenter, Katherine Chiou (Assistant Professor, University of Alabama) answers the question, "Why do we eat spicy peppers?" Read more from the Stanford Daily.