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Field work site in India

Other field opportunities

During summer 2020 there will be an additional field work opportunity in India under the co-direction of Dr. Andrew Bauer. Students will have an opportunity to take part in the Maski Archaeological Research Project, an archaeological excavation that takes place in Karnataka, India. The focus of this research is a 25 square mile study area surrounding the large multi-period settlement site of Maski, located at the foot of the Durgada Gudda outcrop in the state of Karnataka. Over the last several years, a team of researchers have implemented an interdisciplinary program of archaeological surveying, excavation, site mapping, remote sensing, and paleoecological data collection. Students who participate in the India program in 2020 will get experience excavating, mapping, and analyzing remains from Medieval Period and prehistoric contexts.

If you are interested in this field work opportunity, please contact Dr. Bauer directly at