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A Future in Ruins

The Society for American Archaeology has announced the recipients of its 2019 awards, four of whom are members of the Stanford Archaeology Community. Professors Lynn Meskell and Krish Seetah, as well as alumni Hao Zhao and current graduate student Weronika Tomczyk have all been selected as 2019 SAA award recipients.


Interview with Professor Lynn Meskell on Australian Brodcasting Corporation's Late Night Live

Elle Ota at UNESCO in Paris

Although cultural heritage may seem like an apolitical subject, those who work at the WHC know that this is unfortunately untrue. When it comes to selecting new World Heritage properties, heritage often gets treated not as a valuable cultural entity, but rather as a bargaining chip between countries... 

Nearly 1,500 years ago, a Byzantine merchant ship swung perilously close to the Sicilian coastline, its heavy stone cargo doing little to help keep it on course...

Researchers led by John Rick of Stanford University have employed robotic four-wheel-drive vehicles equipped with cameras and lights to explore the 3,000-year-old temple at the Chavin de Huantar archaeological site in Peru.