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TAG 2020

May 1 - 3, 2020

Stanford University

TAG USA will be hosted by the Stanford Archaeology Center in 2020. A wide range of session and paper topics and formats will be encouraged, and there is no overall theme.

The introductory plenary session will be on the theme of Big Data.

Introductory plenary session

Friday, May 1 2020, 12.00-6.00 pm

The Potentials and Limits of Big Data

In this introductory plenary session, 8 speakers have agreed to debate the theme of the potentials and limits of Big Data. The aim is to engender discussion about the politics of scale. In a world in which large amounts of grey literature have become available in digital form, and in which large-scale long-term excavations have made quantitative data available, and universal ontologies promoted, and in which there are pressures to explore Big History and Grand Narrative, what are the impacts on local voices and alternative pasts? There will also be commentary by an anthropologist of the ethics of big data, proxies and algorithms in the contemporary world

There will be 8 half-hour talks, with lots of time for discussion and debate.

Speakers: Anna Agbe-Davies, Benjamin Alberti, Kimberley Bowes, Angele Christin, Oliver Harris, Tim Kohler, Ian Morris, Peter Turchin


Please check back in Fall 2019 for more information about TAG 2020!