Nicole Constantine

Mediterranean maritime archaeology, Mediterranean historiography, the Hellenistic Eastern Mediterranean, Levantine archaeology, ceramic studies, 3D documentation of sites and objects, digital mapping, social network analysis

I am a PhD student in the Department of Classics (Classical Archaeology). My research is centered on understanding economic, cultural and social interaction in (and around) the ancient Mediterranean. I am interested in the use of material evidence, particularly ceramics, to study Mediterranean trade and the effect of social and political change on systems of exchange. I am intrigued by the ever-expanding trove of digital tools available to archaeologists for the study of ancient economies.

I am currently working to study the ceramic table vessels from Hellenistic Harbor at Akko and the ancient city of Daphne (modern Harbiye, Turkey). I also serve as an editorial intern for the Levantine Ceramics Project, an open-access database for the digital publication of ceramic data from the Levant.

Before arriving at Stanford, I graduated with a BA in History and Anthropology from Loyola University Chicago. In 2019, I earned an MA from the University of Haifa's Department of Maritime Civilizations and in 2022, an MA from Brandeis University in Classics. I have participated in fieldwork at a variety of sites in Israel, including the underwater survey and excavation projects at Tel Dor and Caesarea Maritima. In summer 2022, I joined the Marzamemi Maritime Heritage Project in Southeastern Sicily.