Li Liu

Sir Robert Ho Tung Professor
East Asian Languages and Cultures
Ph.D., Harvard University, Anthropology (1994)
M.A., Temple University, Anthropology (1987)
B.A., Northwestern University, Xi'an, Archaeology (1982)
Building 500, Room 203

Li Liu jointed Stanford faculty in 2010. Previously she taught archaeology at La Trobe University in Melbourne, Australia, for 14 years and was elected as Fellow of Academy of Humanities in Australia. She has a BA in History (Archaeology Major) from Northwest University in China, an MA in Anthropology from Temple University in Philadelphia, and a PhD in Anthropology from Harvard University. Her research interests include archaeology of early China (Neolithic and Bronze Age), ritual practice in ancient China, cultural interaction between China and other parts of the Old World, domestication of plants and animals in China, development of complex societies and state formation, settlement archaeology, and urbanism.

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