Hatice Sadikoglu Asan

Visiting Scholar

Dr. Hatice Sadikoglu Asan is an architect, designer and researcher. She received her doctorate in architectural design from Istanbul Technical University. During her PhD research, she worked as a design researcher in Housing Lab, La Sapienza University of Rome in Italy in 2014. She conducted a post-doctoral research on ‘spatial quality and user experience’ at the Centre for Environmental Design Research in University of California Berkeley between 2017 and 2018. She served as a project coordinator in several conceptual and architectural design projects for over 10 years. Her teaching experience includes design and theoretical courses in Bahcesehir University, including basic design, representational technics and design studio. Her research interests include user experience on architectural design, design quality and re-use, refurbishment. In Stanford University, she pursues research on ‘design regard to basic human needs’ in all historical periods with a focus on the evaluation of minimum dwelling idea. She can be reached at hatice@stanford.edu.