Guoshi Li

Ph.D. student, Classics

Guoshi (Cedric) Li is a PhD student on the track of Classical Archaeology in the Department of Classics. He earned his BA in Archaeology and Classical Studies, with a minor in Italian, from the George Washington University in 2016. Afterwards, he pursued a MA in Classics at Columbia University from 2017 to 2019.

He is most interested in the negotiation of literary and visual cultures at the dawn of second century CE. He is keen on joining twentieth-century French philosophy (especially Derrida and Guattari) and Latin literature in dialogues to theorize the concept of thing. Another major interest of him is art historiography. He pays particular attention to how Roman Kleinkunst has been understood through the theoretical lens of art historians from the Vienna School and Hamburg School. He is concerned with the discursive zone where Kunstwissenschaft, aesthetic theory, and neuroscience cohabit.

He participated in fieldworks at Pompeii and Tivoli. He has also held curatorial internship at the American Academy in Rome, the Textile Museum, and the Freer and Arthur M. Sackler Gallery.