Stanford University

School Outreach Program

The Stanford Archaeology Center's school outreach program is an opportunity to take hands-on archaeology learning into local classrooms! 

The Stanford Archaeology Center’s outreach program is an opportunity to bring interactive archaeology learning into local classrooms!

Each year, the Stanford Archaeology Center graduate students partner with local schools to bring a dynamic, creative, and hands-on program to their students. With COVID-19, we have made some changes to our program, but we are still pleased to offer virtual learning experiences for your classroom during the 2020-2021 school year.

This year, we are offering three exciting ways to introduce your students to the world of archaeology. All sessions are adaptable for grades K-12, two-year colleges, and four-year colleges. Each session is also flexible to meet the learning, curricular, and tech needs of your classroom.

  1. “Ask an Archaeologist” Presentation and Q&A. Your class can learn first-hand about the exciting adventures of an archaeologist from one of our experienced graduate students. During these sessions, graduate students will present high-level examples of their research and then take questions from your students.
  2. Digital Activities and Games. Have you ever seen an artifact under a microscope? Have you ever wondered what you can learn from the everyday objects in your home? These sessions will help students think creatively about archaeology through dynamic activities led by our experienced graduate students.
  3. Small-Group Mentorship with Graduate Students. Your students can learn even more about what it takes to be an archaeologist in these small-group sessions. All sessions will be led by a pair of experienced graduate students and can host 2-15 students at a time. Small-group mentorship is especially geared toward high school, two-year college, and four-year college students who are interested in applying to archaeology programs.

If you are a teacher who is interested in bringing one or more of these experiences into your virtual classroom, please fill out the contact form below.