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Fieldwork Opportunities


Stanford University Archaeology Center Summer Field Schools

Summer field school opportunities are open to all undergraduates except graduating seniors. Undergraduates from all majors are encouraged to apply. Acceptance to field schools comes with 100% funding for all eligible expenses (includes flights, dive certification, room and board, and materials used on site).



Chavín de Huántar in Peru

The Chavín program is an archaeological excavation project taking place in the World Heritage site of Chavín de Huántar in the Central Andes of Peru. The project is now on its 23rd year, exploring a range of archaeological aspects including faunal and floral remains, mapping and modelling, and analysis of data collected from the excavation. 

Contact: Professor John Rick


Learn more about Chavín de Huántar, Peru

Apply to the 2018 Field School




Marzamemi Maritime Heritage Project in Sicily, Italy 

The Marzamemi Maritime Heritage Project is a collaborative excavation, survey, and heritage management initiative focusing on the maritime landscape and seaborne communication off the southeast coast of Sicily, Italy. The first field seasons undertake the excavation of a shipwreck off the coast of Marzamemi also known as the “church wreck”. Equally important to this research, the project situates fieldwork within a broader dialog on responsible collaborative natural and cultural heritage practices.

Contact: Professor Justin Leidwanger


Learn more about Marzamemi Maritime Heritage Project, Italy

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Mauritian Archaeology and Cultural Heritage Project in Mauritius

The Maurtius project seeks to understand how European colonial activity influenced environmental and cultural transformations in this region of the Indian Ocean by targeting specific locations, incorporating slave, indentured and imperial sites, as well as sites with high eco-archaeological potential. With limited research on the island to date, the project focuses in particular on bioarchaeological evidence to provide the ecological background to the transitions initiated by the different colonial groups. 

Contact: Professor Krish Seetah


Learn more about Mauritian Archaeology and Cultural Heritage Project, Mauritius

Apply to the 2018 Field School 


Current Ongoing Projects

Various ongoing paid, volunteer, and for-credit opportunities for laboratory and archival research.

Archaeology Survey and Testing on Stanford Lands (Stanford, California)

Contact: Dr. Laura Jones


Learn more about Archaeology Survey and Testing on Stanford Lands, Stanford, California


Past Projects

Market Street Chinatown Archaeology Project (San Jose, California)

Contact: Professor Barbara Voss


Learn more Market Street Chinatown Archaeology Project, San Jose, California


Want to learn more?

Connect with our faculty and undergraduate peer advisors about details. Learn about the archaeology academic program and students’ personal experiences at the different field schools.

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