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Stanford Archaeology Lunch Club

Wednesdays from 12-1pm, Archaeology Center, Bldg. 500
Lunch provided.

2017-18 academic year

October 4 - "Imperial Integration on Rome's Atlantic Rim" - Carlos Norena (UC Berkeley)

October 11 - "Peopling the Post-Contact Landscape: The Archaeology of Native American Autonomy in Colonial California" - Lee Panich (Santa Clara University)

October 18 - Landscape of Labor: Asian American Sites at Stanford in Comaparative Context - Laura Jones (Stanford University)

October 25 - "So How Much Longer Will We Be Cooking in the Bedroom? Living through Post-Earthquake Restoration at Pompeii" - Michael Anderson (SFSU)

November 1 - Archaeology of Ethnicity and Community Empowerment: The Case of Mauritius - George Okello Abungu 

November 8 - "Visualing Historic Landscapes on Alcatraz in 3D for Archaeological Prospection" - Peter Gavette (National Parks Service - Golden Gate Park)

November 15 - "Investigating urbanism and the role of craft production at Yanshi Shangcheng: a multivariate statistical approach" - Katrinka Reinhart (SFSU)

January 17 - "When Innovation Meets Antiquity: the 3D Saqqara Project" Elaine Sullivan (University of California, Santa Cruz)

January 31 - "Expanding Interactions and Emerging Ideology of Kingship in Early China" - Min Li (University of California, Los Angeles) 

February 7 - "Bigness and Memory: a critique of Monuments" - Grant Parker (Stanford University) 

February 14 - "Ethnic Markers, Ambiguities, and Other Inconvenient Truths in Asian Diaspora Archaeology" - Doug Ross (Albion Environmental)

February 21 - "The Prehispanic Monuments Department and the Stanford Oil Company in El Tajín, Mexico, 1935-1940” - Sam Holley-Kline (Stanford University) 

Febraury 28 - "Connected Communities: Undocumented Migration and Material Practices in the West Mediterranean" - Peter Van Dommelen (Brown University)

March 7 - "Enslavement and Institutionalized Care: The Politics of Health in 19th Century St Croix, Danish West Indies" - Meredith Reifschneider (San Francsico State University) 

April 11 - "Restoring Armenia's Great Cultural Treasures: the Mobilization of Heritage as a Tool of Cultural Diplomacy" - Sabrina Papazian (Stanford University)

April 18 - "Antique Nationalism: Archaeology and the Construction of the Nation in Egypt, Israel, and Lebanon" - Erin O'Halloran (Oxford University)

April 25 - "How to make mistakes in Classical Arcaheology" - Kimberly Bowes (University of Pennsylvania)

May 2 - "There's an Archaeologist in the Stanford Geospatial Cetner!" - Stace Maples (Stanford University)

May 9 - "The Chaos and Complexity of Roman Gentrification" - Andrew Dufton (New York Univeristy)

May 23 - Kilian Mallon (Stanford University)