Minimum Dwelling Idea: Housing Design in a Neolithic Settlement, Catalhoyuk.

Archaeology Center
Wednesday, April 17, 2019 12:00 PM
Archaeology Center

The relationship between human and space is always stated as one of the most important evidence to understand lifestyle. This relationship is quite transitional between dwelling design and user experience, characteristics.

Forms, dimensions, structures and spatial configurations of a house provide important data to understand ‘how the built environment was shaped’.

The main focus of this talk is ‘the phenomenon of minimum dwelling’ that means many things for different historical periods; a trend for living in a metropolitan city, a settlement way for slums, a solution for post-war period housing crisis.

In fact, the minimum dwelling idea is not a new form for our built environment. The version of the idea was developed in the period of domestication and sedentism. The emergence of the permanent housing made the design idea more visible on the built environment and made the people think on an optimum form, shape, dimension and spatial configuration of their self-help houses in Neolithic era. This research mainly focuses on dwelling design approach in Catalhoyuk to understand the design idea in terms of efficient use of minimal space, based on basic human needs. Sustainable design approach and spatial configurations of the houses will be discussed.

Hatice Sadikoglu Asan is a senior lecturer in Bahcesehir University, Istanbul. She teaches basic design, urban housing, and design studio courses.

She received her doctorate in architectural design from Istanbul Technical University. During her Ph.D. studies, she worked as a design researcher in Housing Lab, La Sapienza University of Rome. She has conducted post-doctoral research on ‘Spatial Quality and User Experience’ at the Centre for Environmental Design Research in UC Berkeley between 2017 and 2018.

She has previously worked as a design coordinator in several conceptual and architectural projects. Her research interests include user experience on architectural design, design quality and re-use, refurbishment. Currently, she pursues a research on ‘design regard to basic human needs’ with a focus on the evaluation of minimum dwelling idea.