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Archaeology Workshop Series

All Workshop Series lectures take place on Thursdays at the Archaeology Center, Building 500, unless otherwise noted. Refreshments are served at 5:00pm and the lecture begins at 5:15pm

2017-18 academic year

October 5 - Politics of Persistence: Heritage Landscapes and Cultural Identity in Native New England” - Stephen Silliman (University of Massachusetts, Boston)

October 12 - "The State Mobilization of Olive Oil in Byzacena During the Later Fourth Century CE" - Ted Pena (UC Berkeley)

October 26 - Margaret Purser (Sonoma State University) ***CANCELED***

November 9 - "Deliberate Heritage: Difference and Disagreement After Charlottesville" - Kathryn Lafrenz Samuels (University of Maryland)

November 16 - "The Fante Confederation never happened: a tentative archaeology of memory and silence" - Trevor Getz (SFSU)

January 18 - "Making Slaves Visible: the Vicoministri dedications from Rome" - Jen Trimble (Stanford University)

February 1 - "Marginal Landscapes and Cultural Niche Construction: a View from the Agroforests of Micronesia" -  Maureece Levin (Stanford University)

February 15 - "Archaeology and Zoonosis: Integrating Archaeo-historic, Climatic, and Genomic Data for Comparative Vector-Bourne Disease Modeling" - Krish Seetah (Stanford University)

February 22 - "Deep Learning from Historical and Epidemiological Data" - Jochen Kumm (Stanford University)

March 1 - "Farming the Land. Colonialism and Rural Communities in the Punic West Mediterranean" - Peter van Dommelen (Brown University) 

March 8 - "Why is human evolution directional? A discussion of bio-socio-material entanglements" - Ian Hodder (Stanford University) 

April 12 - "Mapping Always Redraws the Map, and Other Lessons Learned from Community-based Heritage Mapping in Levuka, Fiji and Santa Rosa, CA" - Margaret Purser (Sonoma State University) 

April 19 - "Jeju, Island of Change and Challenges: Cultural Niche Construction of the Holocene Islanders in Southern Korea" - Gyoung-Ah Lee (University of Oregon)

May 3 - "The Invisibility Problem and the Roman Poor" - Jonathan Weiland (Stanford University)

May 10 - "'It's not like it's the Acropolis...': Archaeology and Local Communities in Greee today" - Anastasia Sakellariadi (University College London)

May 17 - "Glaze Wares and Coalescent Communities in the Late Precontact American Southwest: A View from Tijeras Pueblo, New Mexico" - Judith Habicht Mauche (UC Santa Cruz)

May 24 - "The End of Agrarianism at the Dawn of the Anthropocene" - Christopher Witmore (Texas Tech University)